Lee Kyle & Sammy Dobson top of the pods!

Posted on: March 9, 2018 Posted by: Andy Bourn Comments: 0

Lee Kyle & Sammy Dobson top of the pods!

Check out a great podcast from Lee Kyle, you may remember Lee from MC’ing out first event…. you can also catch him with his show Folly (Support from Sammy Dobson) on Wednesday 28th March at Gateshead RFC.

Which is the Best – Episode 110 – Take Thee Graeme

Featuring a brand new one time segment ‘Sammy’s top 10 Rules For Life’ Lee Kyle (Ticklish) and Sammy Dobson (May or may not be ticklish but seems like she would be) return with episode 110 of your official 19th favourite podcast.

This week, on our never ending quest to decide WITB between things with the same or similar names we decide between:

Alan Carr: Chatty Man
Allan Carr: Writing books about giving up smoking Man

Check to listen to their latest podcasts.

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