Frequently Asked Questions

We can guarantee that we will bring the best comedians on the the circuit to you! This works hand in hand with creating the best possible environment for comedy.

However we do have a few house rules to make sure that everybody attending has a great night, these can be found in our Frequently asked questions section below.

When should I arrive to Guarantee a seat?
It’s better to arrive as close to the doors opening as possible as the venue fills up quickly.

Will there be food available?
Yes, there will be hot food available to purchase on the evening (However check the event information to confirm menu).

What time does the show finish?
Shows usually tend to finish around about 10.30pm – 11pm* 
(*However there maybe times when they slightly overrun)

Can I heckle or talk during a performance?
No, we want everyone to enjoy their night out and our clubs and aim for a theatre-like environment when the acts are on stage. Some performers encourage audience interaction, in which case feel free to join in when you are spoken to. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to be quiet – other people have paid to listen to the comedy.

Can I go to the bar during the performance?
The bar will remain open throughout the course of the evening, however if possible we would like to minimise movement whilst the performers are on. There will be several comfort breaks throughout the evening to pop to the bar, pop out for a smoke etc.. If you do need to leave the room during the performance we would prefer it if you did via the back of the room rather than walking in front of the stage as this often interrupts the flow of the act as well as our recording.

Photography/Mobiles & Recording devices
Could we please request that at a minimum you put your phone on silence whilst the acts on stage, preferably turning them off. We also kindly request that you don’t use flash photography whilst the acts are on stage or indeed record the acts.

Line-ups & Special Guests
Line-ups are subject to change occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control, any line-up changes will be announced immediately through Facebook, twitter and this website wherever possible, we will always endeavour to ensure any replacement act is of similar stature. Click on the links in the navigation bar to join us on Facebook / twitter and keep up to date with any changes.

You may notice that we often list performers as special/mystery guests.. this is in no way a clever marketing ploy… We genuinely book special guest comedians who are at the top of their game, from  household names, support artists for major comedians, headlining the most popular clubs in the country, Edinburgh veterans, touring comedians etc.
However due to contractual agreements we quite often can’t name the comic until the night of the event.

Frequently asked questions.